Re-connecting with Special Old Friends

This week I had the privilege of re-connecting with a dear old friend of mine from high school.  It’s funny how you can pick the phone and suddenly although you haven’t spoken in years, it seems like yesterday! That’s a

Peace and quiet

We think our homes are quiet when there is no one there, but I beg to differ.  The houses creak, the fridges gurgle, the furnaces wail, all familiar sounds that have become background noise to us. I heard the true

Sun spots

Recently through various ways I have become aware of the fact that our beloved pets seek out sun spots in our homes.  They lie and bask in them, move with them and seem to notice something that we humans are

Roses and winter

The funny thing about roses is that you can still buy them in winter.  Of course they don’t come from our gardens anymore, but we still have access to their beauty.  My husband bought me a beautiful dozen of white and

Teddiness and other little joys

Teddiness is a term we made up to describe the kind of cuteness and attitude one of our adopted rescue cats has. Although you won’t find this word in the dictionary, you have probably experienced its effects.  Teddiness just demands