Angie J. Rose

"inspire, encourage, inform..."

Basically like writing a Haiku about yourself...
Ok here goes:
"I love life and all things beautiful and my mission is definately inspiring, encouraging and informing others especially other women."
You can make it out of where you are stuck! You can do it! Never quit on a bad day!
You're not alone.
So my left eye appears a little smaller than my right eye  since I had Bell's Palsy.

The  whole left side of my face just paralysed on me one night. When I woke up at 4 am, I was in excrutiating pain and when I looked in the mirror I thought I had had a stroke.  We rushed to the hospital where I was releived to find it was just Bell's Palsy, but that began a long and winding journey....I write about this somewhere.
So sometimes what seems to be a horrible thing turns out to be a blessing.  Had I not had Bell's Palsy, I would not have seen a doctor, and then I would not have asked him about a little lump I had on my breast....I write about that somewhere too.
That time of my life in 2007-2008 felt like the horror version of the children's book ''If you give a mouse a cookie''.  One thing led to another and another and another.  Seemingly without end.
You could say I'm a type of bionic woman, I've had two reconstructive surgeries that's besides 3 other surgeries one of which was a complete mascectomy....I write about that somewhere as well.

My strength has come from God alone. For when I could not walk down the path of my life anymore, He held my hand and guided me and yes, many times He picked me up in His loving arms and carried me.

Thank you Lord Jesus, your're awesome!

"What is truth," a famous quote from an equally famous scene. Worth exploring...
One of my favorite thoughts and wisdom, ''Never quit on a bad day''  Sometimes that's all you need to know really.
- Angie J.Rose
Guess encouraging people is like breathing for me.  Life is too short to stay discouraged!