Angie J. Rose

"inspire, encourage, inform..."

Julie Andrew"s famous song about favorite things and its scene in ''The Sound of Music'' is outstanding and holds a true principle:

What you focus on will eventually drive you into fear or into faith.
  1. Our Daily Bread
  2. Raindrops on Roses
  3. Bright Copper Kettles
  4. Warm Wollen Mittens
  5. Door Bells
  6. Wild geese flying into the sunrise and not the moon
  7. Cream colored ponies
  8. Snowflakes on our noses
Nature and its' wonders
Creativity and Art
Nothing does wonders more than taking a walk in nature, or viewing its' beauty.

The freedom to think and imagine lovely things, the gift of creativity and artist expression we too often than not take these things for granted.

"I simply remember my favorite things
And then I don't feel so bad"